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coaching experience is the brand of the Mynoilab Ltd. providing enterprises and non-profit organisations with consultancy services and implementing projects of organisational development and change management.
Our mission is to support our clients in paths to growth and strengthening of human resources through activities of coaching centred on relational and behavioural effectiveness to achieve the objectives.
Our added value is our experience in performance measurement, the starting and the arrival point of every organisational development activity.
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Elisa Fornero
former HR Director EURASIA - Robertshaw (currently WVFS HR Director)

Relation-Shift: Coaching and training Lab on relationship skills

The team needed to go beyond traditional training (which probably would not have borne fruit), to experiment with an approach where everyone, both individually and as a group, could improve and participate in the change. The team started working well when they realised that the initiative was not “steered” by the management or HR, but for them.

Pierluigi Cocchini
former Sales Director of La Rinascente (currently CEO at Rinascente SpA)

Mystery Coaching® Projec

We collaborate with Susanna Gonnella in Mystery Shopping since 2009. For our organization the SERVICE represents one of the most important items, sometimes even more relevant than the product itself. Susanna Gonnella has been able to understand our company and its needs going beyond a mere mystery shopping production. It is not always easy for an external partner to clearly communicate his client‘s strengths and weaknesses on sensitive issues such as the service ...

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