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MyNoilab is leterally "my way of being us". A corporate branding project that in January 2020 became the new company name.

Conceived by Susanna Gonnella, her vision and her way of being a woman, entrepreneur, coach, has become a way of being for everyone in the company and in society.

It is a way of combining structure, organization, quality, respect for rules and processes with innovation, research, sharing, sustainability.

It is an approach of work and thought that seeks to bring out the individuality in working together, with a continuous orientation to work on the individuals to achieve and consolidate personal and team results

In December 2019 we were awarded among the Responsible Companies in Lombardy, an initiative in which we were among the 22 companies that have developed Good Practices on all 5 areas:

  • Environmental sustainability projects
  • Quality of work and staff relations
  • Initiatives towards Civil Society and the Territorial Community
  • Quality of relations with suppliers, customers and consumers
  • Responsible governance and management of the Company
It was an important recognition for us of the path we have taken, of the consistency between our values and our daily actions. It was an opportunity to define even more clearly our direction and our quality policy, which we share below.


Our mission is to support clients in the growth and strengthening of human resources through coaching activities focused on relational and behavioural effectiveness to achieve objectives. Our added value is our experience in performance measurement, the starting and finishing point of every organizational development activity.

Responsibility - Entrepreneurship - Relationship - Cooperation - Innovation - Assertiveness/Patience - Simplification - Influence - Well-being - Respect for the environment - Sustainability

The people within the Company are moving by working on the ability to be aware of themselves and the context, constantly outlining a vision and training for change while maintaining a focus on the profitability of the organization: indispensable conditions to have the resources needed to move in a logic of circular economy.

The Company, in order to pursue the quality of the services offered, by declining a series of shared values and general objectives mentioned above, has built a Quality Management System in 2011, updating it in 2017 in accordance with the requirements expressed by the ISO 9001:2015 Standard for the following activities: Design and delivery of coaching services for individual and organizational development, training on interpersonal skills and mystery audits.

The Company and all its internal and external partners consider Quality as a management tool of the most importance to satisfy customers/clients and the needs of all the interested parties, in the awareness of the risks and opportunities related to the context in which it operates.

The ultimate aim of the Company, in addition to pursuing a business profit, is to operate in the market as a professionally and qualitatively recognized leader in the field of activities related to organizational development, consulting and change management, pursuing the achievement of customer satisfaction and giving something back to the territory where possible.

In order to maintain the company‘s success over time, the priority commitment is to ensure a continuous search for Quality along all internal and external processes involved in its organizational system, safeguarding and improving both the compliance with the technical-qualitative aspects of the services offered, and the working environment, personal motivations and mutual relationships between all employees inside and outside the company.

The quality policy is aimed at achieving the following general objectives:

  • obtaining the full satisfaction of clients/customers and interested parties
  • measurability of performance
  • awareness of the context, risks and opportunities and identification of actions aimed at mitigating risks and seizing opportunities
  • optimization in the usability of company resources and workload distribution
  • improvement of the company‘s external image and acquisition of new customers
  • definition of standardised working methods and transfer of know-how from individuals to the group
  • sharing and usability of information commitment to work towards objectives
  • involvement and satisfaction of employees
  • improvement of efficiency and containment of the possibility of error and, consequently, of costs
  • ethics in relationships
  • sustainability in behaviour and actions
  • return of value to the territory in a logic of circular economy
Starting from the general principles expressed in this Policy, specific programmes for the improvement of quality in its various aspects are defined, according to the needs highlighted during the reviews of the Quality Management System by the Management, with the definition of specific qualitative/quantitative indicators.

The Management is committed to ensuring that the objectives set out above are achieved by providing the necessary resources, both human and technical, and by communicating this policy at all levels of collaboration, including through meetings and written communications. The policy is formally approved by the Management as a sign of commitment in the first person.

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