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MyNoiLab is a laboratory dedicated to consulting and implementing development and organizational change projects for companies and non-profit organizations.

coaching experience is our way of supporting and assisting customers, it is our way of making people and groups experience coaching.

Aligned with Whitmore‘s coaching model, we use a clear and structured process to develop our clients‘ awareness, to unlock their potential, to extract and consolidate what they learn to generate conscious actions, in a continuous virtuous circle. 

Experience is at the centre of our know-how: experience to learn from, experience in bringing theory down to earth and in facilitating the achievement of objectives, experience in using different tools and techniques and in performance measurement, the starting and the arrival point for every activity of organisational development. 

Measure, train, learn, share are the keywords at the basis of our coaching experience.
Here are the details of the products and services that are part of it.

Mystery Coaching®

Mystery Audit (Mystery Shopping/Guest/Calling) and post-monitoring incognito actions of the service:
  • Managerial and sales force development coaching
  • Technical training of the sales network
  • Customer experience analysis and customer relationship
  • Consultancy, codification and implementation of service standards

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Coaching and training Labs

  • Training on communication and relational skills
  • Training bits on soft skills and organisational problem solving
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  • Corporate and executive coaching
  • Business coaching for entrepreneurs, executives, managers
  • Group coaching & Team coaching
  • Team Experiences

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Assessment – Customised competences assessment

  • Assessment on Entrepreneurial Mindset Profile (E.M.P.)
  • Conflict Management – CDP Conflit Dynamic Profile
  • Relational Effectiveness Mapping - Emotional Intelligence (E.I.)
  • Aggregated analysis for the mapping of groups/organisations
Training financed through Calls, Public Notices e Interprofessional Funds of Fondirigenti and Fondimpresa

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Cultural Projects
  • Social theatre – Sponsorship of the Pop Economix Live Show
  • Third Sector Projects - Gjusti "Green Coach"

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