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We met Elisa Fornero, Eurasia HR Director of the group, promoter of the Coaching and Training Laboratory signed by MyNoiLab for a Robertshaw team. We asked her for feedback on an experience she described as "both innovative and formative".

1. Where did the decision to start a Coaching and Training Laboratory come from?

The decision to start a coaching and training laboratory was taken after viewing the results of the Employee Engagement Survey: the team definitely needed to improve its own decision-making power and the communication style.

2. What did you experience on this path?

The team needed to go beyond traditional training (which probably would not have borne fruit), to experiment with an approach where everyone, both individually and as a group, could improve and participate in the change.

3. What expectations did you have about your team?

Proactivity, decision-making power, eagerness to stand out.

4. How did you feel within the team? What position did you take? What motivated you to get involved?

I felt part of the team, even though I work in human resources. During the team workshops I took off my HR hat and I was myself. I decided to get involved because I believe in my colleagues in R&D and I was sure that they would be able to improve both individually and as a group, creating a different image even in front of the other teams in the group.

5. What worked in the Coaching and Training Lab and what made a difference in the Lab?

The team started working well on this project when they realised that the initiative was not ‘steered‘ by management or HR, but it was something that could really be helpful for them, both as individuals and as Robertshaw‘s employees

6. What teachings do you take home with you?

Change is always possible.

7. Can one notice clear signs of change in the team?

If so, which ones? The team has improved a lot on the communication level, especially among team members. Moreover, they have a much more positive approach to work than in the past and have started having confidence in themselves, demonstrating a much higher decision-making power.

8. What were the results of this approach?

What added value did you take home from this sort of path? There are positive outcomes in the way team members work within the team and manage relationships outside it. They also have developed a better attitude towards conflict management.

9. How do you intend to give continuity to the path?

I would like them to become ambassadors for the implementation of a similar project in other teams in our headquarter and to continue with all the improvements made in these 6 months, of course.

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