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MyNoiLab is our coaching company where we take care of enabling change in companies through organizational development projects and the enhancement and professional growth of individuals and groups.

Susanna Gonnella, since October 2020 is SUN Global Ambassador and together with Gerlando Spoto - Coach Trainer of Success Unlimited Network® (SUN) she opened the MyNoiLab SUN Coaching School Italy in Milan, Via Ariberto 31.

After more than ten years of activity we have decided to offer also high-level training on coaching to our clients, so that people in positions of responsibility can consolidate their skills as Manager Coaches or undertake paths to become Coaches according to the training standards of the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

We have chosen the accredited Success Unlimited Network® (SUN) Coach Training and Certification program, which has trained most of our Coaches, for the high quality of the training provided and because we deeply recognize ourselves in the core values of SUN: Having Purpose, Integrity, Service, Connection, Discovery and Human Spirit.


Success Unlimited Network® (SUN) - https://successunlimitednet.com/about-sun/ - is present in 5 continents and has been offering for over 30 years an accredited program that continues to meet the International Coaching Federation (ICF) www.coachfederation.org professional standards for coach training programs. The Success Unlimited Network® Coach Training and Certification Program has obtained and maintained ICF accreditation since 2000.

MANAGER COACH Training Program


The MANAGER COACH Training Program
(IPPE - Increase your Personal and Professional Effectiveness) is addressed to Leaders who lead to continuous efficiency and development.

Its duration is 35 hours, divided into 5 modules and it is delivered both in presence and in full mode remotely. 

Trainer: Gerlando Spoto - Coach Trainer for Success Unlimited Network® (SUN)

The course was designed to guide participants to learn effective coaching strategies and principles specifically selected for the roles they cover, to use them on a daily basis and thus increase professional, personal and relationship efficiency, while simultaneously increasing wellbeing. The integration of these skills into one‘s leadership style generates transformation, commitment and enable people to develop and employ their talents.


If you are a CEO, CFO, CIO, COO, Executive, Human Resources Manager, Sales Manager or any other management role in an Organization, you can consider the effect of implementing Coaching skills among yours and your directors’ abilities. The purpose of our training is to provide Coaching competencies specifically selected for those in managerial roles.

At the same time this 35-hour program draws upon an ICF accredited Coach Training and Certification program and provides the foundation for those who want to become a SUN - Success Unlimited Network® Coach by receiving a training that meets the training requirements to apply for credentials by ICF (International Coaching Federation).

Upon successful completion of this program, a Certificate of Continuing Education is issued by Success Unlimited Network®.


COACH Training and Certification Program

Through the training of Gerlando Spoto - Coach Trainer of Success Unlimited Network® (SUN) - we provide the Success Unlimited Network® (SUN) Coach Training and Certification program ACTP (*) accredited by ICF.

This is a 125-hour training program which meets the ICF training requirements for 2nd level and get the credential of Professional Certified Coach (PCC).


Although SUN is present in the 5 continents it is also one of the smallest and most selective accredited Coach Training and Certification programs. This is because SUN‘s aim and commitments are for extremely high quality and successful coaches, not number of coaches. The SUN Program was developed in England in 1980 by the leaders of Results Unlimited and in 1987 Teri-E Belf, the first person in the world to receive the credential of MCC, brought it to the United States. The program is holistic and based on a model of Business Management/Sports coaching. The value of our approach to coaching is revealed in Tim Gallwey’s books, The Inner Game of Tennis and The Inner Game of Work. In his tennis book, Mr. Gallwey’s approach is to focus on what happens between hits. It is the focus on "between the meeting approach” that contributes to making SUN a unique and effective coaching program. SUN also works with principles from the fields of Accelerated Learning (Colin Rose), Integrated Learning (Peter Kline), NLP (Bandler and Grinder) and Technologies for Creating (Robert Fritz). 

(*) ACTP stands for Accredited Coaching Training Program

ICF accreditation is granted to those programs that meet rigorous professional standards, established by the ICF, for Coach Training Programs. Graduation from an accredited program fulfils the requirements for student contact learning hours, mentor coaching, ethics and passing the exams approved by the ICF.

Accreditation does not guarantee the effectiveness of the training or the student‘s ability to start a successful coaching practice. Completing the SUN program will allow you to become certified as a Certified SUN Coach and become part of the international network of people who share the purpose of serving the world with their work.

With the SUN certificate and the necessary hours of experience as a Coach, it is possible to apply to the ICF to obtain credentials as a Professional Certified Coach (PCC), the next level to the ACC. You can get more information about credencial at www.coachfederation.org.

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