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Our coaching paths focus on professional development and personal well-being. For all those who want engage in self-improvement, have important decisions to make, live times of deep change. For all organisations putting people at the heart of their strategies.


Coaching is a development methodology that is based on the relationship of trust between coach and client where the coach is the expert of the method (process) and the client of the content (his own life experience). The aim is to accompany the client in defining his own goals and in taking on the responsibility of developing new and different effective thinking strategies, drawing on experience, knowledge, exchange and profound self-awareness, both individually and in groups.

"Coaching is a partnership process aimed at achieving the objectives defined with the coachee and is based on a structured relationship of mutual trust. The professional action of the coach supports the coachee to improve his skills by enhancing and strengthening his resources" - Definition according to the italian standard UNI 11601:2015


The coaching model, that is the reference scheme adopted in the implementation of the coaching process, is that of the ICF Global association. Our coaching style is dialogic and "transformational", oriented to the development of the individual and of the organizations

I‘m an HR person... an Executive... the Manager of a team... what should push me to choose coaching for my employees/collaborators, for me, for my team?

The desire for change, to work on self-awareness (personal characteristics, personalities, strengths, areas of improvement, communication styles, role, personal power), awareness of others (relationships, communication styles, trust, positive consideration, limiting beliefs in relationships with others) and company dynamics (organizational context, corporate culture, corporate objectives) to achieve realistic and motivating objectives.

What happens during a coaching session? How long does it last? How does it work?

A one-and-a-half-hour conversation. One expresses himself/ herself in complete freedom, conversing, while the coach listens and makes his observations and powerful (open, stimulating) questions. The coach does not give advice, he/she focuses on the content of the session. The task of the Coach is to ask questions capable of fostering self-knowledge. One defines a goal and works together with the coach to achieve it.

Who is the Coach?

An ally, the one who "keeps the client focused" and encourages him to reflect and act

How does a coach work?

The main tools are relationship and dialogue. Within the coaching path the coach uses discussion, feedback, exercises, observation.

What are the benefits of Coaching?

  • Increase individual and group awareness of areas of interest
  • Define personal and professional change goals
  • Stimulate proactive and responsible attitudes and behaviours
  • Working on the emotional, communication, relational and organizational level

How can coaching results be measured?

Within the coaching path, measurement tools can be used (e.g. mapping of emotional Intelligence or assessments and competences assessments) to capture the current situation (before) and measure the process of change (after) - for more info: https://www.mynoilab.com/en/tools-for-hr

But is coaching helpful?

It is useful if I am willing to get involved and trust the method.


Coaching is a professional service certified as per the UNI 11601: 2015* italian standard, to which we adhere in carrying out the activity. All the coaches of our team are professionals - ICF (International Coach Federation) accredited - operating in compliance with Law n. 4 of 14/01/13. They refer to the ICF code of ethics, available for consultation on the federation‘s website https://coachfederation.org/about, whose rules of professional ethics define the total confidentiality of the contents of the path.

We follow training plans financed with Calls, Public Notices and interprofessional Funds of Fondirigenti and Fondimpresa

The Company is ISO 9001 certified for Coaching activities

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