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Mystery Coaching® is a model designed in 2011 by Susanna Gonnella Ltd. and is a registered trademark at EU level. In the Mystery Coaching® model, "Mystery" refers to the set of tools providing data on the delivered quality of a service, while "Coaching" is the approach used to develop the potential of the personnel interacting with the customer on the basis of the Mystery Shopping results. The model is designed for enterprises selling goods and offering services, whose business depends on the relationships with the final customer and whose focus is on people and customer experience.


In the Mystery Coaching® model, a continued Mystery Shopping project can become a tool to improve the provided service and strengthen people, as it not only captures an image of the supplied service but it uses the evidence with a view to developing the organisation at all its levels with coaching and training activities.

After observing, detecting and monitoring with continuity, ethic and professionalism, data have to be analysed in a new way. It is necessary to convert them into behaviours and to work with the staff members to increase awareness of how their way of being, acting, interacting and communicating with clients is the key factor in customer experience.

How does the Mystery Shopping work?
What is Group Coaching?

Managerial coaching and coaching to develop the sales force and the service staff

The effectiveness of the coaching modality is the positive approach in the performance reading and the objective interpretation of facts and actions with the goal of building an organisational development primarily centred on people.

After processing the data, our intervention is completed with Group Coaching activities. Their objective is "to put life into the data" so that the the reading, interpretation and returning of the research results let emerge awareness, ideas, strategies and action plans useful to consolidate, improve and change.

The activity involves returning the Research results with a Coaching approach: a moment of shared reflection, facilitated by data reading, questions from the coach and a vision external to the firm, with the client’s point of view.

The results of the Mystery Shopping/Mystery Client research are presented in a plenary session to the management, which will be guided in reading and interpreting the results of the Mystery shopping. It is then possible to replicate the activity with the sales staff/service staff, accompanying the organisation in multiple activities. Among these, the transferring of the Mystery Shopping results, the sharing of the standards of service, group coaching activities on the Mystery Shopping results, bite-sized training courses on specific elements of sales or communication.

There group coaching represents for all levels of the organisation a moment to "pause" and reflect on themes central to the sales and service activity: the client, the relation, the customer experience. Through the guidance provide by data analysed with the Coach, the process helps developing new awareness, reflecting in a guided way, sharing views in a facilitating environment to jointly establish priorities, conscious actions, strategies for change.


In an ongoing, organisations development-oriented path it is possible to integrate the Mystery research with:

  • Technical training of the sales network and the service staff
  • In-depth analysis of the customer experience and the customer relationship
  • Consultancy, codification and implementation of service standards
  • Process design and codification of internal organisational practices
  • … many other activities that are customised and tailored to the needs and strategies of the organisation


  • A team of professional Coaches with extensive experience as project designers and Mystery Shopping research coordinators since 1997
  • Coaches who are qualified as Mystery Auditors and certified at the AICQ SICEV registry of professionals
  • ISO 9001 certification for the Mystery Client and Coaching activities

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