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MyNoiLab s.r.l., born in 2010 as a start-up with the mission of accompanying companies and non-profit organizations in a healthy and sustainable growth, MyNoiLab covers all levels of learning: knowing, knowing how to do, knowing how to be. MyNoiLab is a laboratory dedicated to consulting and supporting clients on organizational development and change projects that result in human resource growth and enhancement. They offer unique performance measurements.

Participating in the Steering Committee of the Master MIND for MyNoiLab means making a contribution to the central issue of analyzing and optimizing professional interactions.

The Executive Master in Management and Innovation Design (MIND) offers participants an analysis of major technological and social trends as enablers of innovation, promoting a major reskilling of competencies. Participants will analyze together with the Faculty how such trends can impact companies‘ competitive advantage and how new business opportunities can be created. Additionally, Master MIND will describe management tools to deal with processes of disruptive innovation. The goal of Master MIND is to empower managers and turn them into actors of change within their own organizations.

Master MIND represents the evolution of the Master in Management of Innovation, active at Sant‘Anna School since 1991, first Master of the School and first in Italy on the topic of Innovation Management. This Master changed its name in 2006 becoming "Master in Innovation Management and Service Engineering" (MAINS) and, in the last academic year, it was transformed into a Master accessible only in English. This latest transformation into the new Executive Master in Management and Innovation Design represents the most recent evolution.

To get more information about Master MIND, please visit www.mindsantanna.it or simply send us an email at mastermind@santannapisa.it 

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