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Professional qualification course for Mystery Auditor - basic module - UNI 11312-1: 2017 standard

17-18-19 October 2020

Duration: 3 consecutive days, 24 hours

17-18 UNI - Milan - Via Sannio, 2
19: Mystery Auditing Italia Association - Milan - Via Ariberto 31

Professional qualification exam (written) in the afternoon of the 3rd day

Registration fee:

  • UNI member (effective): € 900 + VAT
  • Member of the Mystery Auditing Italia Association: € 900 + VAT
  • Non- member/ customer: € 1,200 + VAT

The fee includes: Learning material - UNI Standard for didactic use - Professional qualification exam (*) - Certificate of participation or Certificate of professional qualification for those passing the exam - Coffee break and Light lunch

(*) Participants failing the exam may take it again within 6 months with no additional costs

The Mystery Audit

«The mystery audit is an undeclared audit conducted in an unrecognisable manner, having the characteristic of simulating the behaviour and actions of a potential or real client of an organization providing services, including any associated products, in order to measure the quality of the service provided» UNI 11312-1:2017 standard

The Mystery Audit is an effective system of monitoring and organizational improvement as it offers the client‘s perspective (the Mystery Auditor) at the very moment when he/ she lives the experience and is provided the service. It is an activity requiring in-depth knowledge of the methodology, skills, high ethics and professionalism and, above all, an ongoing training for self-awareness, objectivity and suspension of judgement.

In this context, the recent publication of the UNI 11312-1: 2017 standard describes the process by which the activity takes place. Part 2 of the same standard (in development at the UNI / CT016 GL 37 Working Group) defines the specific and qualifying skills that the professionals involved in the process must possess.

Objectives of the course

The course includes the examination of the chapters of the standard and uses a strongly experiential approach oriented to the development of individual potential. It aims to provide the participant with all the knowledge necessary to successfully take the "Mystery Auditor" qualification exam which will take place at the end of the third day.

The outline defined by the standard identifies three very specific profiles: the Mystery Auditor, the Project Designer and the Project Manager. They are characterised in a different way and must acquire and develop specific skills. This course is the "introductory" part for all three roles and the common knowledge base of the entire process and includes in-depth study of the UNI standard chapters and skills training for the role of Mystery Auditor

Target audience

Auditors, Consultants, Quality Assurance Managers, Sales and Marketing Managers of Certification Bodies, Managers and people in charge of CRM and Customer Service, Mystery Shoppers and anyone who wants to acquire knowledge and skills to apply the methodology in the market.

As the sessions have limited availability, the course includes a pre-selection of participants based on profile and individual expectations.

After this module, a two-day advanced course will be available for participants wishing to continue learning to specialize as a Project Designer and take advantage of personalised advice

Learning contents

The training will focus on:

  • Knowledge of the mystery auditing methodology, the reference market and the application of the mystery audit to support the quality management systems

  • Knowledge of all the chapters of the UNI 11312-1 standard with in-depth analysis of the chapters 1,2,3,4,7

  • Mention of the chapters of the UNI 11312-2 standard (in development at the UNI / CT016 GL 37 Working Group) on the Mystery Auditor skills

  • Skills training supporting the mystery audit performance

  • Learning of the technical aspects of the methodology: scenarios, check lists and reports

  • Mystery shopping simulation exercise in the field and role-play in the classroom

Object of the exam: written exam of professional qualification based on the handouts and chapters 1, 2, 3, 4, 7 of the UNI 11312-1, with mentions of the Mystery Auditor skills in the UNI 11312-2 standard (in development at the UNI GL37 Working Group)


For information and registration please contact the teaching staff: +39 02 36.511.35

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