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The Mystery Audit is an effective system of organisational monitoring and strengthening as it offers the customers‘ point of view (the Mystery Auditor) in the very moment when he or she lives the experience and uses the service.

It is an activity requiring a deep knowledge of the methodology as well as substantial skills, ethics and professionalism. Above all it requires an ongoing training for self-awareness, objectivity and suspension of judgement. We are therefore talking about skills and abilities related to "relationship proneness" which become even more crucial as everything is carried out incognito.


Starting from 2018 the Mystery Auditing Italia Association in partnership with UNI (Italian Organization for Standardization) offers a professional qualification Course for Mystery Auditor. The MyNoiLab team will continue teaching on behalf of the Association.



The objective is to provide participants with the classroom training required to adequately work as a mystery auditor and subsequently certify the acquired skills. The professional training we offer is characterised by the coaching approach, a way of leading and managing the class that stimulates content learning through practical activities in the field.

The course aims to improve the skills that are necessary to successfully carry out a mystery audit. Among these are for example verbal and nonverbal communication, the capacity to suspend judgement and refrain from giving personal interpretations, the listening techniques, observation, etc. Another objective is therefore to exercise the ability to "feel", in order to evaluate objectively not only the elements related to structure and procedure but also the relational aspects

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