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The approach to training projects for sales networks is our Mystery Coaching® model devoted to supporting in-house training departments in providing training activities on the standards of service and on sales force training through the use of data collected incognito with the Mystery Shopping research.

In particular, in our training approach, coaching and training integrate and support each other. They also facilitate learning by allowing the involved technical personnel to both consolidate the theoretical knowledge and to progress in personal development

Training projects for sales networks are designed for organisations that:

  • already have an active network and want to reinforce or align their staff training
  • want to start a sales network
  • want to build a customised service model and to train staff on that
From the analysis of training needs to a path built together with people

The specific need to build a training project on the sales network is collected through needs mapping tools integrated with the analysis of data collected with Pilot Mystery Shopping surveys. In the case of already active sales networks, mystery shopping visits are conducted on direct sales points, otherwise surveys are carried out at the competition‘s sales points, to gather information useful to build customised service standards.

Each training path is designed to work on relationships, communication and customer experience in practice, with contents across the board for all participants, always keeping the focus on the personal objectives of the individual participant.

An ideal training path for the sales network

  • Mystery Client Pilot Analysis in direct and/ or competition‘s points of sale
  • Custom design of the service model if it is not already codified in the company procedures
  • Training and exercise on the service model, spreading its contents, building customised training tools, training to act moving from theory to practice
  • Monitoring the application of service standards over time to verify the effectiveness of the training activity carried out and define improvement actions
Benefits of the approach combining coaching and training

The combination of training and coaching is particularly effective because:
  • It makes it possible to build a customised and flexible path together with the client
  • It helps participants keep a personal development plan through an individual goal sheet
  • It allows participants to build up their skills, as it uses personal awareness to accelerate the process of knowledge consolidation
  • It focuses on "how I do it" unlike traditional training focused on "what I do"

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