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Communication is more than just a matter of techniques... It is a way of being embracing an individual as a whole, it is a style to express one‘s thoughts and emotions. It is a bridge to get in deep contact with the Other. This is why we built a personal development path with an approach integrating coaching and training.

A path meant for:

  • Those who want to work on themselves to strengthen their own relational effectiveness
  • Those who have already experienced or intend to start a personal development path acquiring theoretical bite-sized courses on communication
  • Corporate teams, with the theoretical contents are customised on the basis of the group‘s needs

The training we provide is characterised by the "coaching” approach, which aims at promoting content learning through direct experience and practice. Coaching helps identifying and strengthening the learners‘ personal features, thus developing awareness of the relational attitudes and improving the skills on which the training is focusing.

Coaching allows for in-depth intervention on the awareness helping change, supports organisational development processes and guides both the group and the individuals to acknowledge their own potential and take charge of developing new thinking strategies drawing from experience, knowledge, exchange of views with the others and a deep self-awareness.


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