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The Share&Act brand of Mynoilab was born to promote social projects and cultural products to talk about future, organise events and spread knowledge on themes such as ethical consumerism, ethical finance end social responsibility. A sharing among different actors (public and private, profit and non-profit) resulting in a fusion of different approaches and worlds (finance and theatre, school and work, territory and enterprises) influencing each others. A manner to take on a changing world, experimenting a new way of acting, also guided by innovative social policies.

"The contemporary global challenges lead us towards a necessary pragmatism, active citizenship, widespread creativity, the propensity to cooperate, the continuous building of networks; all these elements make European and global metropolises capable of reacting positively to constants and sudden changes [...] In this context, thanks also to the 2015 Universal Exposition in Milan, sharing economy experiences able to propose new models of services and activities for profit and nonprofit continue to flourish [...] Sharing Economy is not a temporary reaction to the crisis but a new way of thinking and applying the development models, where the subjects are problem-solvers, able to co-design, co-manage practices, spaces, goods and services ". Municipality of Milan, Economic Innovation Sector, Smart City


A show promoted by the Pop Economix Association during the Responsible Investment Week in Milan at the San Fedele theatre was not only the 200th replica of the POP ECONOMIX LIVE SHOW but also the success of the synergy of the protagonists: the Pop Economix Association, the Forum for Sustainable Finance and Mynoilab. A sharing economy experience created by bringing together the strengths and resources of a theatre company, an association and a company to promote, communicate and stage a show that spreads knowledge, stimulates reflections, letting different worlds such as finance and theatre meet.

Fa‘ La Cosa Giusta - 2015

We attended the "Fa ‘La Cosa Giusta" Fair to tell how it is possible to make a Service of excellence by using a people-centered approach. Convinced as we are that "Service" always means Relationship, acceptance for all and commitment to meet everyone‘s needs, we have experienced together with the BeHandy association the special needs of people with motor, visual, hearing and food disabilities. 

GJUSTI, Green Jobs University Schools Territory Enterprises - from 2011 to 2014

The project, financed by the Cariplo Foundation and carried out in two editions from 2011 to 2013, involved high school students in Lombardy in a path designed to "imagine green jobs for the future". Our contribution as partners and sponsors has focused on research, facilitation and coaching activities to build a network and create synergy among the subjects of the area involved.

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