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What makes a winning team?
Which skills and strategies, once acquired, lead a group and a team to build value?

In organisational development paths, Team coaching and Group Coaching are two coaching methods intended for work teams, functional groups or groups of people willing to start collaborating.

How does a group coaching work? The coach:

  • Uses the powerful questions and facilitates dialogue
  • Works with stories, examples and "simplicity”
  • Stands as an "external eye” and returns what he observes and hears
  • Stimulate raising awareness
  • Verifies people’s alignment, their goals and needs
  • Helps achieving a synthesis and, if need be, provide guidance to define an action plan


Group Coaching is a Coach-guided activity furthering individual reflection and collective awareness simultaneously

The objective of the group coaching activity is to have a group work on themes and challenges common to all participants. The aim is to reflect together and try to achieve a synthesis in an awareness-based and shared action plan.


Being a group activity with a focus on individuals, group coaching can take place in groups of different sizes and is particularly helpful to further learning and tackle themes as:

  • the work organisation
  • relational and communication dynamics among people
  • decision-making processes and collaboration modalities within the team


The Team Coaching is a coaching activity meant for a team in which Coaches intervene to observe and encourage group reflection and guide the team to shared team decisions. The goal is to make the participants aware of of the group‘s functioning dynamics (values, beliefs, roles and strategies) to develop effective action plans for the team. Here the individual is subordinate to the group and each contribution is evaluated for the purposes of usefulness for the team.


Team coaching allows a work group to be trained to build effective work strategies. A team coaching programme works with the purpose of increasing awareness of:

  • decision-making processes
  • relationships and communication styles
  • planning and programming models

in order to collaborate optimally in team and make awareness-based and shared team decisions.

Also for the Team Coaching and Group Coaching programmes we design training plans financed with Calls, Public Notices and interprofessional Funds of Fondirigenti and Fondimpresa

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